Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Gifts!

I was up late last night till 2:42am. Yawn! making these Valentine gifts for my four children to take to school. The picture is of the gift I made for my youngest daughter's class. I made 70 total, some had the ladybug and some had the skater boy design. I was so excited when I found these Jolly Rancher "Rocks" bite size candy at our 7-day store. I loved the container. They had reduced them to 15 cents a piece! I paid $10.50 for all 70! I know In the past I have spent at least 20 dollars just on the paper valentine cards for all four kids. I saw that I had some little lady bugs laying around the craft room so I put them on top. I used the doodle this wheel, So Very stamp set and the Very Punny stamp set for the lady bug. Used a little stickles, scallop punch, 1 3/8 punch and the flower punch. In the morning Tiffany, my youngest daughter, woke up and was so excited after she saw what I had made for her class. She went and got a special bag for her Valentines. Carefully, she placed them in her bag. She showed them to everyone in the house. She carried them with her when she brushed her hair and then again when she went to brush her teeth and also when she ate her breakfast. I sent the kids with daddy for a ride to school because mommy needed some sleep! I was happy, it was finished, the gifts were on their way to be handed out to all their friends. Done! An hour later I didn't hear my husband come home and he scared me half to death! I said "What are you doing home so early?" He said "Tiffany forgot her Valentines!"

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