Friday, September 27, 2013

Decorating for Fall!

I Started decorating for fall! I have a white front door and wanted to see some contrast and also wanted to tie in my black furniture with their rust colored cushions. I was seeing a lot of wreaths made from feather boas this year and loved the look of them. I got to looking around my house to see what I could make a wreath out of and found my "living wreath form" in the garage. I love the extra large size of the form.The site I got the form from is at the bottom of 
this page. It's from my favorite garden store!
I covered the empty wreath form with 5 black
feather boas that were each 72" long. I didn't 
wrap them around the wreath because it would 
have taken a lot more boas. I attached them
over the top In a zig zag fashion from the outside to the inside 
of the wreath and attached with small black zip ties 
at each point. I gathered the flowers in groups 
of two and attached them to the wire with the zip
ties. I took strips of the fabric and made loops and gathered
them in twos and attached them to the wreath.
 Too Easy!!