Friday, February 15, 2008

Starbook Class!

Today we made a starbook from Kwerner designs. I had seen it on her blog and thought it was so cute! I knew I had to make one for myself. loved the paper she used and the stamp set "Stamp of Authenticity!" My theme for my book did not fit for everyone. I had made mine before our class to use as the example and it is for my mother. It says "My Grandchildren are cuter than yours..."on the cover. She has 7 Grandchildren and there are 7 pages in the book. It worked out perfectly for me! I asked each one of them to think of a theme for "their" book and we came up with many titles for each person. Megumi has one child and he plays baseball and loves it! So, Megumi's book says "My Baseball Boy." We used the "Sporting Goods" stamp set for her inside pages. Kazue has Twin girls and her's says "The Twins." Kumie made her book for all the camping trips she takes. It reads "Our Camping Days" so I pulled out my "Roughing It" and "Campout" stamp sets for her to use in her book. With each persons theme, I went and pulled the stamp sets that I thought would work well with each persons book. I changed a couple of things, I used solid colored cardstock for the "middle" 10 inch papers. Everyone used the stamp of authenticity for journalling in each book and used the "theme" stamps as decorations around the picture pages. I added my "embelishment" pieces to the sides of each page. They all turned out GREAT!

"Embelishments": I am not a simple girl by any means and I just couldn't leave my book so plain. I needed MORE details. I had went to the 100 Yen store and found rings, metal star beads and Paper "Clips" I don't really know what they are called, actually. I just played around with them and came up with this and attached them to the side of the book pages. It made a cute little inexpensive embelishment! Got to love those 100 Yen stores! Here is what it looks like:

To make your own Rub-ons ( The front part of the book that says "are cuter than yours...")use a transparency sheet in your printer and print out what you want to say. Make sure to flip it horizontally. Lay it on your work ink side down and rub it until you feel you have gotten most of the ink off the transparency sheet. Done!

Yoshie putting her book together.


Kazue with her Twins book.

Great Job Ladies! You are more creative than you think!

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