Saturday, December 1, 2007

Donna, Uriah & Grace's visit!

Donna, Uriah and Grace came to stay with us for five days before Thanksgiving! We were all so excited to visit with them. I couldn't wait to see my friend and just sit and talk and have coffee together! The boys had a great time with Uriah and Tiffany with Grace. We are all looking forward to their return in December. These are some of the pictures I had taken at Asilomar beach while they were here. When the water was at low tide it left all the rocks exposed. On the rocks lived all sorts of diiferent sea creatures like the beautiful pink star fish above. The Aggragating anemones were the most fun for the kids! They were even brave enough to touch them. I thought it would sting us but it didn't. The top picture is when they are out of the water and the bottom picture is when they are under the water.

Grace was telling me how when you push on the anemoes they squirt water at you!

Thousands of muscles clustered on rocks.

Friends:o)AustinGraceThe sunset while we were there at Asilomar beach We had found this great little Japanese Sushi Restaurant called "Jugem." They had traditional and speciality sushi and sashimi! We were surprised to see they sold tempura, yakiniku and udon also. The boys have been missing their udon! I ordered the rainbow sushi and Donna had the salmon sushi. YUM!

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