Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Christmas Wishes" Meander Book!

We made our "Christmas Wishes" meander books today! I was a little worried about the way the book is cut but everyone did it perfectly. The little book is made from ONE 12x12 piece of double sided patterned paper on the inside! The way it is cut and folded makes little pockets to put tags into. My books had the words Wish on one and Santa on the other. I wrote down some other ideas for words to put on the front and they liked them better. As you can see Noel was used and we had Peace on a couple. My book will be used for my families wish lists. I will put each member of my families picture on each page with all their "Christmas wishes" on the tags that are in the pockets. Try it!
Directions for Meander Book:

One 12" x 12" sheet of double sided patterned paper
Two 3 1/4" squares of patterned paper
Two 3 1/4" squares of cardboard
Cardstock to decorate and make tags
1 3/8 Circle punch for pockets
Paper cutter
Paper scoring tool
2-way glue pen
Doublesided tape
Binding tool and spiral wire
small stapler
Stamps, Ink and Embellishments

Step 1
Score 12" x 12" paper at 3", 6" and 9".

Step 2
Turn paper 90 degrees and score again at 3", 6" and 9".

Step 3
Fold and unfold all score lines.

Step 4
Use scissors to cut paper as follows:
On the first vertical score at 3", cut from 3" all the way to 12".One the second vertical score at 6", cut from the bottom to 9".One the third score at 9", cut from 3" all the way to 12".Cut the first and last square off and discard.

Step 5
Start folding paper up from one of the sides with a missing square. Fold it up accordion style, stopping at the end of row.

Step 6
Tuck the accordian pages of the first row under the second row.

Step 7
Fold the second row accordion style like the first one.

Step 8
Tuck your accordion pages under the next row.

Step 9
Fold the third row accordion style.

Step 10
Fold pages under the last row.

Step 11
Now fold up the last row accordian style.

Step 12
For pocket pages, start by punching a half circle on the top of the middle page. Punch half circles on all pages to make pockets.
Punch holes in the side of the book pages for binding. I used a Carla Craft binding system punch.
Step 14
Add 2-way glue to the pages to make a pocket. Stay close to the edge with your glue. Glue pages together.You won't need glue on the side. It will be held together with the binding later.
Step 15
Stamp pages if needed.
Step 16
Tape 3 1/4" patterned paper to cardboard squares. Punch binding holes in the side of both of the covered cardboard squares.

Step 17
Stack front, back and pages the following way: Front cover face up, page pockets, back cover face down. Insert the spiral wire through the holes and bend ends.

Step 18
Cut tags for pockets. These were cut to 2 5/8" x 2 3/4" . Decorate the inside pages. Staple ribbon to top of pocket tags.

Step 19
Decorate front cover.

Step 20
Add ribbon ties to binding spiral wire.

Your Turn!

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