Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas nursing home visit!

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’”- Matthew 25:40, NIV

Jennifer came over on Monday and brought all the items we were going to fill our bags with for the nursing home. We had put wash clothes, hand warmers and some snuggley socks in each bag for the elderly. We learned from our mistake last year, we had given them bags with pens, paper and Christmas cards. We noticed that a couple of them were trying to eat my Christmas cards! Our items in the bags were safer this year. Elsa joined in and helped stuff the bags with us. We stappled the toppers we had made with Megumi and Kumie to the top of the filled bags. They looked so cute! We must have put together over 120 bags. They gave them out today to the precious people at our Iwakuni community nursing home. One of our chaplains played the ukelele as they all sang Christmas songs! I heard they all had a wonderful time visiting again , holding hands and Connecting with our elderly Japanese friends. Last year it was an absolutely beautiful experience for me - quite possibly one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had in Japan. We visited two nursing homes last year. I sat, held hands, talked and looked into the eyes of every person I could. Some communicated with speaking some English but most didn't have to say a word. It was a squeeze of my hand, a tear from there eye, a lingering look, a hug that lasted longer than expected. It was a shared "feeling." I felt my entire body/heart just feel the presence/love of Christ - it was amazing. Far from being a “downer” experience, you come away with so much more than you came there with. It makes you want to continue to do all you can to help those that need it most in any way you can. I want to continue to show love to those who are in darkness, those who suffer, those who are lonely, etc.- just as Christ showed His love for me by bearing the sin of the world on the Cross. ><>

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