Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kono Elementary School Festival!

We were invited to go to the Kono Elementary School Festival on the 18Th of November, by my friend Eiko-San. Elsa and Lilly also went with their families. Eiko had told me that they had 8 Kimonos for the American women to try on. I couldn't wait, I hadn't tried one on in the whole two and a half years I have been living here. They let us wear them the whole time we were there. They chose a very beautiful light green Kimono for me. Even Shelby got to dress up! There are a lot of layers to the Kimono and it is very involved to put on. The Japanese ladies that dressed us were very experienced and fast and knew which ones would look best on us. They chose the perfect colors for each one of us. The Obi (sash) they wrap round your waist is my favorite part of the kimono. They can tie it to make many different designs like bows or drums.

The video is just a small part of the play the kids put on. They practice for this festival all year. Their costumes were very beautiful. I wish I had video taped the entire play! They were wonderful!!! After the play they had food for sale (udon noodle, rice ball, soda, coffee), crafts, and plants. To see more pictures of that day look at the side bar of my blog.

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