Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our ABC Class!

I held a "Christmas gifts" ABC class today. The first project on our list was a Sugar jar filled with "Peppermint Cocoa" with a mini whisk attached to the bow. I went to the Daiso which is the Japanese dollar store and found these cute little sugar jars and the whisks. We put 3/4 cup of Swiss Miss cocoa mix in them and layered mini marshmallows and unwrapped peppermint candies on top. The captions on the back of the jar were Snowman Soup and the directions. Here is what it says: "Was told you've been good this year, Always glad to hear it! With freezing weather drawing near, you'll need to warm the spirit. So here's a little Snowman Soup, Complete with a Peppermint. Add hot water, sip it slow, It's sure to do the trick! Place 2 rounded tablespoons of cocoa mix into a cup. Gradually add 6 0z. of hot water into mix. Add a peppermint and Marshmallows and you are done!"

The second gift was a peppermint candy bag with topper. Very simple project but always looks so cute. Remember to look at your candy wrappers or what ever you put in your bags and pull colors from them to use on the topper. Everything will match and you will look like a PRO!

The third gift was a coffee slide card that has a coffee stencil attached to it's pull string. Inside I used a packet of Godiva coffee. I tied a wooden coffee/cappachino stencil to the top (For stenciling powder sugar, cinnamon or cocoa on top of coffee) In Japan they have a chain of stores called "Daiso." They are Japan's dollar store. Some have 5 floors! They beat our dollar stores by far! I find the cutest things for my classes. I found the tie-on's for the slide card, the cute little glass sugar jar and the mini whisk at the one closest to me. I will really miss them when we leave! I used the Espress yourself retired stamp set for this project. The caption for the card says: We've shared a coffee and a laugh, as friends so often do. So when you brew this pot of Godiva, imagine I'm there with you! Merry Christmas!

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