Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October ABC Class-Halloween Box And Candle

We made our boxes and candles today! I was so excited to teach the candle technique. It really is amazing. The results are beautiful! Everyone did a wonderful job! I just hope they will try to make some of those darling candles at home. You can do it! You proved it today. The directions to the 2,4,6,8 box and the candles are below.

2,4,6,8 Boxes

1. Cut a sheet of cardstock in half that is 8 1/2" X 11" inches. It will now measure 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" inches.

2. Stamp sheet as desired.

3. Score the paper at 2", 4", 6" and 8" along the 8 1/2" length side of cardstock piece. You will have a 1/2" section left over.

4. Turn cardstock piece 90 degrees, and score entire length of cardstock at the 2" mark. (Your scoring blade will travel 8-1/2" down. The 5 1/2" side of cardstock piece will be against the bottom lip of your paper cutter).

5. Look at your scored cardstock piece. Take scissors and trim off the 2" x 1/2" section (not the 3 1/2" x 1/2" section). *Note: The 3 1/2" x 2" sections are the box top and the 2" x 2" sections are the box bottom.

6. Cut each 2" score mark along the 8 1/2" side. (You will be making three straight cuts, each along the 2" score marks). Do not cut beyond the long score mark running the length of the 8 1/2" side.

7. Fold along all score marks.

8. Place a section of sticky strip tape along the 3 1/2" x 1/2" flap on the decorated/stamped side. Seal the top part of the box closed.

9. Fold up the four 2" x 2" pieces; this is the bottom of your box. Use a sticky strip on the last 2" x 2" piece to seal the bottom of the box. Now decorate and fill your box!

Stamped Candles


Candle - preferably white or cream
vellum paper
Stazon Pad
Aqua painter pen
Wax Paper
Embossing Gun

Step 1. Stamp on vellum paper. Use images that can be colored-in, in the ink color of your choice.
Step 2. Color in stamped images using reinkers and Aqua painter pens. you will want to make sure your Aqua painter is not very wet but has a fair amount of reinker on it.

Step 3. Cut out your stamped images fairly close to the edges.

Step 4. Take a piece of wax paper and cut it so that it is not any taller than the candle being used and long enough so that it wraps completely around the candle and then some.

Step 5. Take your first stamped image and place it on the candle. Then place the wax paper on top and wrap the wax paper around the candle. Tape, making sure the wax paper is tight against the candle.

Step 6. Heat up your embossing gun for 30-40 seconds until it is nice and hot. Moving quickly, wave it over the area where the stamped image is; be sure to keep the wax paper nice and tight. Every candle will have a different wax melting point, but you should see a change begin to take place within a few seconds. As the candle heats up, the pressure from the wax paper should push the image into the melting wax of the candle, embedding the image and leaving your image intact.
Slowly peel the wax paper off the candle. Remember: every brand is different so if you are switching between brands you may need to adjust your heating times a bit.

Step 7. Finish your candle.
You can do numerous images on one candle; just place another image and move the wax paper. It is best to try and not use the same spot on the wax paper for each image, but you can use 1 piece of wax paper numerous times.

Your Turn!

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