Friday, January 12, 2007

Coyote Lake & Big Sur Camping Trip

Coyote Lake
We started out Friday heading to Gilroy to go camping at Coyote Lake. We were supposed to stay two nights and leave Sunday afternoon. We arrived at our site and started to set up camp. The wind was too much! We wound up ripping our screened in tent we use to eat in. We did manage to set up our sleeping tent. Because of the wind they weren't allowing open fires which made all of us very disappointed. The lake was very pretty but not much for the kids to do in the cold wind. I think we would have not set up our things if it weren't for the couple we were supposed to meet the next night. It was one of David's friends from his work. His friend and his family were going to camp with us the following night. We made it through the night of sleeping in our tent but I swear it had to be under 30 degrees because the next morning we woke up and went to the van and our van read 39 degrees outside and that was after it had warmed up a lot! Around 11am. I said to David we need to make a decision here. Are we going to stay and suffer another night or are we going to drive south to Big Sur and try to camp there. We packed everything up in an hour and drove 100 miles south to beautiful Big Sur campground. We were so happy we did! It was so amazing! The drive is spectacular and the campground was so much fun! They had one last campsite opened and we all thought it was the most beautiful! We were allowed to make a fire and our site was encircled by huge redwood trees. Some of them you can walk into the trunks. Our site was right next to the great playground they had. The campground has a river you can tube down. They rent the tubes. We wound up spending three days and two nights there. The weather was great, not to cold at night and during the day it was warm. We are definately coming back!

The drive to Big Sur Campground

Big Sur Campground

The beautiful trees!

Our Tent

Our new Truck


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