Friday, January 12, 2007

Seventeen Mile Drive

This is for my friends in Japan. This is the 7-11 convenience store in the United States just like the 7-11 in Japan. Except the Japanese 7-11's are so much better! When I was in Japan I used to love to go there to get my sushi. We stopped at this one in Monterey before taking the Seventeen Mile drive around the Monterey Bay peninsula. To my surprise we found sushi!!! I didn't buy any though. It just didn't look as good as the Japanese! My husband is standing at the coffee bar. We do like the coffee bar though! They sell different types of coffees and everything you can think of to put in your coffee. The kids like the Slurpee's they sell. They are flavored shaved ice drinks. The Seventeen Mile drive has 21 stops along the way(Points of interest). Here are pictures of just a few of them. It costs $9.25 to get in the gate. We definitely will be back to go to Pebble Beach again. It is sooo Beautiful!!

The Seventeen Mile Drive
Bird Rock Area

Cypress Point Lookout

Shepherd's Knoll

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