Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chalkboard Coffee Bar

I was so inspired by HGTV's Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines, when she made this coffee bar for a client. 
Episode 2, The Gatecrest Story:


I LOVE her style and her creative spirit! I am always looking at our AWESOME local Milton Flea Market and our Habitat for Humanity re-store site to find items to fix up, repurpose or just enjoy just the way it is! I was visiting the re-store in Charleston, West Virginia and found a 6' x 4 1/2' whiteboard for $40! I threw it in the back of my truck and brought it home and fixed it up! This is what it looked like:

I sanded it all down and primed it with a spray on primer that adheres to plastic.
I did another light sanding and wiped it down to get ready for the chalkboard paint.
This is what it looked like when I was finished painting:

I hung the very heavy chalkboard with 2 OOK hanging bars from the Home depot. They were around $14.00 a piece. Just one of them holds 200 pounds. I just felt better having 2 to hold it up because of it's length. It made it very stable. I made some floating shelves from barnwood I had bought from Bob our gracious neighbor who was getting rid of it all. 
I attached them to the chalkboard.
The fun part:) I loved the way Joanna did her chalk art so I free handed the art with a chalk marker from Michael's craft store.  The chalk marker gives a much crisper, whiter line. Love it! 

I decided to change her banner though. I just thought for what I want to use it for the banner I'm using would be nice to just change out the words. This is the banner idea I chose from an ornament my BFF showed me she bought for Christmas: 
It will say "Coffee Bar" until December 1st when I will turn it Into a "Hot Cocoa Bar".
More pics will be posted soon:)

I made these to look like hers out of a large branch I had in my yard and some smaller twigs that I hot glued yellow/rust color balls to the ends. I didn't think the green Moss she had used on hers would go with the colors I was using so I went to my garden stash and found some sphagnum moss and it worked great.