Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumpkin Bread Recipe Book!

Pumpkin Bread Recipe Book

I found these small 6x6 canvas boards at Beverley's for about $1.29 a piece. I am always looking for alternatives to the pricey chip boards that everyone is using to make books. It looked like it would cut well and make a great book. I picked up a bunch of them.

I cut one of the boards at 1 1/2 inches and left the second one alone.

I cut my pieces of paper that I will attach to the front and back of the boards. The 6x6 back board paper was cut at 7x7(Always Artichoke) and the two front boards that I cut will be covered with a piece of 2 1/2 x7(Always Artichoke) and the other 5 1/2x7(Pumpkin Pie).

I used my sticky tape close to the edge of my boards. I set the boards centered evenly on top of the paper with the tape facing up. I took the plastic red strip off the sticky tape and continued to wrap the edges up over each side and press onto the sticky tape. The corners are a little tricky and I should have taken pictures of the way I cut them. If you need help I will post a picture later of the corners.

I then cut the pieces that will cover the inside of the boards. Each piece measured 5 7/8x5 7/8 for the back inside board, 4 1/4x5 7/8 for the front inside board and 1 3/8x5 7/8 for the front inside side board.

I cut a piece of Pumpkin Pie card stock at 5 3/4x5 3/4 then a piece naturals ivory at 5 5/8x5 5/8 for the inside back piece of board. secure the pieces with sticky tape.

Secure a strip of sticky tape to the left side of the back inside board.

I used my computer to print out a picture and the recipe using the "Scrapbook factory"program. I printed it out onto Skilcraft ink jet transparency film. Cut the piece to measure the same as naturals ivory piece 5 5/8x5 5/8. It is going to be placed over the naturals ivory piece. Make sure the picture is off to the right and the picture measures 4 1/4x5 5/8.

Place another piece of sticky tape on the left side of your book on the transparency film. Start cutting your pieces of ribbon folding them and laying them onto the sticky tape.
I took my front side board piece and covered it with my piece of always artichoke card stock(2 1/2x7) secured it with sticky tape. Placed a piece of always artichoke card stock (1 3/8x5 7/8) on the back of this piece and secured with sticky tape. On top of the 1 3/8x5 7/8 piece I added two long pieces of sticky tape. I then turned the piece over and added it to the right side of my book. I cut a piece of Pumpkin pie card stock 1 3/8x5 7/8 and stamped it with the leaf stamp from Autumn Harvest in really rust, close to cocoa and more mustard ink. I centered it and secured it to the top of the left piece of my book.
Next I drilled out three holes on the left side of my book with my husbands drill!:o) I added the eyelets by placing a little crystal effects in the hole and pushing the eyelets in. Once it has dried just a little put your rings through the eyelets. This part is finished!
Now for the face: The right side of the front of your book- This piece measures 4 1/2x6 so you need a piece of Pumpkin pie card stock that measures 5 1/2x7. This you will wrap around the front and a 4 1/4x5 7/8 piece of pumpkin pie card stock you will attach to the inside of the board. You will need a 4 1/4x5 7/8 & 2 7/8x4 1/4 pieces of Always artichoke CS, 2 5/8x4 & 4x5 1/2 pieces of basic grey green patterned paper and a 3 3/4x5 1/4 & 2 3/8x 3 3/4 pieces of Naturals Ivory CS.
Center and Layer your largest piece of Always artichoke and tape down. Center and layer your largest piece of Basic Grey and tape down. Next, take your Naturals Ivory and stamp with the peaceful wishes berry branch around the edges in more mustard, really rust and close to cocoa, use your pastels to rub around edges and onto stamped images. Take the Versa Mark pad and cover the whole piece. Sprinkle iridescent ice over the piece and emboss. Now it is ready to be placed on top of the basic grey layer. Center small always artichoke piece on top of embossed piece and tape down with sticky tape. center and layer small basic grey piece and tape down. Take the small naturals ivory piece and stamp with the Autumn Harvest leaf stamp in more mustard, really rust and close to cocoa ink just at the top. Rub the leaf images with your pastels and Versa Mark the whole piece then emboss with iridescent ice. Tape piece to the small basic grey layer. Stamp pumpkins from Autumn Harvest onto Naturals ivory with basic black ink and color with watercolor crayons. Versa Mark image and sprinkle with glassy glaze. Emboss. Cut out pumpkins and place dimensionals behind images and place on to iridescent ice layer. Punch a tree out of the basic grey paper and add dimension with close to cocoa marker. Tape tree behind pumpkins. Add P monogram by doubling up on dimensionals place to the left on piece. Adding hinges: Make sure before you start screwing the hinges down that you place them where you want them and open and close the book to see if hinges are placed properly. Slide hinges under always artichoke layer on the right side of the book cover and screw in with a small screw driver. Screw the left side of the hinges down. And it is Finished!

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